Monterrey Bay Zinfadel

This September is the 13th annual California wine month, us and millions worldwide are exploring the depth of the globes 4th largest wine producer. This week we are highlighting the classic and much loved Monterrey Bay Zinfandel Red



The Region


The Wine

Monterrey bay Zinfandel Red is known for its initially ‘brash’ flavour that echos into more calm fruity undertones. Differing to Zinfandel wine from other regions. As the year round California sun gives a generally sweeter grape resulting in a stronger alcohol contents (up to 15%ABV). An excellent ambassador of the Norcal wine region definitely a must try this California wine month.

As California wine month comes to an end this is a wine that must not be skipped over. Monterrey bay Zinfandel Red is a California wine that excellently represents the long and complex legacy of the region, making it an essential this California wine month.



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