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Our first ever product of the month focus has to be on the outstanding Japanese Yamazaki Single Malt Whisky, aged 12 years. Being the first Japanese single malt Whisky ever produced, Yamazaki is a true pioneer and is marked with high regard as being not only the number one single malt whisky in Japan, but is enjoyed by whisky connoisseurs in over 35 countries.

Tasting Notes from the Producer
With is rich pure gold colour, Yamazaki 12 year is a succulent whisky that leaves flavours of soft fruit on the nose, including pineapple, peach, clove, grapefruit as well as orange, vanilla and Mizunara (a Japanese oak). Tastes on the palate include coconut, cranberry and butter before a long finish of sweet ginger and cinnamon.

About Suntory
The Yamazaki Distillery was built in 1923 in the Yamazaki Valley, on the outskirts of Kyoto, the ancient capital of Japan. It was known for its pure water, diverse climate and high level of humidity. It’s topography and climate were completely different to that of Scotland (the birth place of single malt whisky) but offered a good alternative environment for the maturation of whisky, to create a Scottish style Whisky with a Japanese twist. The distillery was built by Shinjiro Torii, the founder of Suntory, a Japanese brewing and distilling company established in 1899.

Over the years Torii’s vision of a whisky filled with the essence of Japanese’s nature and philosophy has come to life. A subtle, refined, but still complex whisky has been achieved to create a product that is held with highest esteem but whisky connoisseur’s worldwide.
The Yamazaki is held with such high regard that it was won the following awards:

• ISC Gold (2003 / 2010)
• SWSC Double Gold (2009 / 2013)
• SWSC Gold (2014)
• IWSC Gold Best in Class (2011)

You can get your hands on this truly rare find on Click N Drink, however purchases are limited to one bottle per customer due to its scare resource, get one while you can!



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