Ideas For Celebrating a Lockdown Birthday


The pubs, bars and restaurants are all shut for the foreseeable future, but it’s your significant other’s birthday in a few days. They’re expecting you to create a fun day for them at home, despite lockdown. Normally you’d just head to the pub, or your favourite restaurant. What do you do?

Thankfully, your friends at ClicknDrink are here to help!

We’ve pulled together a few ideas to help make celebrating a birthday during lockdown slightly more fun…

Mimic your local mixologist and turn your hand to cocktail making.

For the ambitious, there are plenty of challenging, complex cocktail recipes to be found online, that feature a long list of ingredients, the majority of us have probably never heard of. If, like us, you prefer to leave the complex cocktail builds to the professionals, there are still plenty of simple serves you can produce at home that will not only impress, but also taste delicious!

For a sweeter tooth, why not give Old J Spiced Rum’s Fruit Salad a go? This nostalgic serve takes you straight back to your childhood in one sip, and with just two key ingredients.

To make: Fill your drinking vessel with ice, pour in 50ml of Old J Cherry (roughly two caps) and top with Pineapple Soda. Garnish with a wedge of lime.

You can buy Old J Cherry here and Pineapple soda here. Or you can purchase our ready-made Fruit Salad bundle, including two Old J Tin Cups here.


If you’re feeling slightly more adventurous, why not create the nation’s favourite cocktail, the Pornstar Martini? Again, we think this serve is better left to the professionals, especially if you plan on setting a passionfruit on fire! However, our friends at Tails Cocktails have kindly done the bulk of the legwork for us with their Pornstar Martini Pre-mix.

One of the UK’s favourite cocktails, the Pornstar Martini is a delicious blend of vodka, vanilla, passionfruit and lime juice, always served with a shot of prosecco on the side.

Our Pornstar Martini Cocktail Pack contains everything you need to make eight Pornstar Martini cocktails at home, including a free Tails cocktail shaker. Just add ice and serve in your favourite martini glass! A great idea for any cocktail lover.

Each Pornstar Martini Cocktail Pack contains: Tails Pornstar Martini Batched Cocktail 1ltr – A quality pre-made cocktail made with 42 Below Premium Vodka and passionfruit liqueur.

Bericanto Prosecco 75cl – Named the best prosecco in the world by The Drinks Business! Bright and vivid in colour, sparkling and slightly aromatic, bubbly and refreshing with a dry finish.

A Tails cocktail shaker.

Again, we have created a kit for this, delivering everything you need for the perfect Pornstar at home!



Order a takeaway and stock up on a variety of Asian beers to pair with it

This one’s easy. Support your local Asian restaurant by ordering a takeaway from them, then head to ClicknDrink and order our Asian Beer Bundle. Our Asian Beer Bundle features six light bodied, crisp and perfectly refreshing beers, celebrating three of the best Asian beers on the market! Each mixed Asian beer case contains two of the following beer varieties:

Lucky Buddha Beer 330ml – Lucky Buddha is a fusion of the finest-quality malt, hops, rice flakes and pristine water. The bespoke Lucky Buddha Beer bottle is a true original. 4.8% ABV

Bangla Beer 660ml – Specially created brew, designed to complement Bangladeshi and Indian Cuisine. It has a deep gold colour, reminiscent of the golden hue of the sun setting over the Bay of Bengal. Bangla premium lager beer is stronger brewed to complement strongly flavoured foods. 4.8% ABV

Cobra Beer 660ml – Cobra uses a traditional Indian blend of ingredients, including maize and rice, but combined with a modern twist – a little less gas. 4.8% ABV

And, if ordering a takeaway feels like a copout…you can always cook one from scratch!


Host a virtual wine tasting

This one requires a bit of organisation and some light reading…

Firstly, you’ll need get all your pals together on a Zoom or Houseparty call. Next, you’ll need to make sure everyone’s got a good selection of wines in at home. We can again help you out here, with our Mixed Wine Cases.

Next, you’ll need to read our recent blog ‘HOW TO…Host a virtual wine tasting’

Then it’s all down to you. Pretend like you’re a sommelier for an evening and see how impressed all your friends are!

Check out the rest of our Lockdown Birthday Bundles here:

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