Father’s Day Gift Guide – Gift Ideas for Dads that love their Booze


Finding the perfect Father’s Day gift can sometimes feel a bit overwhelming, especially when buying a gift on behalf of your kids. To make life that little bit easier, we’ve compiled a list of gift ideas that any booze-loving Dad would appreciate. Whether Dad’s a wine, whisky, rum or cocktail-lover, we’ve got him covered.

Whiskey lovers

The Macallan Sherry Oak 12 Years Old forms part of Macallan’s Sherry Oak range, which features a series of single malt whiskies matured exclusively in hand-picked sherry seasoned oak casks from Jerez for richness and complexity. A matured character, the 12 Years Old delivers rich wood spice and dried fruits and a natural rich gold colour.

Shop Macallan 12 Year Old + 2 Macallan Tumblers for £48.50

The combination of pure cave spring water and a unique, charcoal mellowing process, and ageing in their own hand-crafted barrels is what gives Jack Daniels its distinctive character.

Shop Jack Daniels 70cl + Branded T-shirt for £25.00

Jack Daniels Tennessee Honey is an original recipe, made with only Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey, distilled in Lynchburg Tennessee, and blended with honey liqueur to deliver naturally sweet notes and a rewarding, easy drinking taste while still delivering the signature Jack Daniel’s Whiskey iconic taste profile.

Shop JD Honey 70cl + JD Branded tumbler for £27

Rum lovers

Havana Club 3 YO is an award-winning Cuban light rum perfect for mojitos. All Havana Club rums are made and aged in Cuba, following the Cuban light rum making tradition. The 3 years ageing gives the rum its Cuban stamp of taste: accents of vanilla, caramelised pears, banana and hints of smoked oak will tickle your nose, while smokey chocolate and vanilla notes will stroke your palate.

Shop Havana Club Rum 3 YO for £20.00 or Havana Club Rum 7 YO for £24.50

Is Dad a fan of Old J Spiced Rum, but can never decide which variety to buy? Or is he yet to try the range? Get him the Old J 5cl gift pack, the perfect taster pack featuring Old J Spiced, Cherry, Gold, Silver and Tiki Fire.

If a small bottle just ain’t going to cut it, why not buy Dad a dual gift pack?

Shop the Classic range: 1 x 70cl Old J Cherry + 1 x 70cl Old J Spiced for £38 (+FREE DELIVERY)

Shop the Cocktail range: 1 x 70cl Old J Silver + 1 x 70cl Tiki Fire for £51 (+FREE DELIVERY)

Shop the Premium range: 1 x 70cl Old J Dark + 1 x 70cl Old J Gold for £44 (+FREE DELIVERY)

Cocktail lovers

Is Dad a big Jagermeister fan? If so, this might just tickle his fancy. Enter the Jagermeister’s Espresso Martini bundle. A brand new mix, Jagermeister’s Cold Brew Coffee is a unique infusion of Jagermeister’s 56 botanicals and intense cold brew coffee. Add in Monin Gomme and you’ve got an epic Jager-twist on the classic Espresso Martini.

Shop The Cold Brew cocktail bundle for £22.50

Super simple but oh so effective, this ‘Dark & Moody’ Old J Spiced Rum cocktail pack includes everything you need to make and serve a deliciously simple Dark & Stormy-style Old J cocktail at home. Each ‘Dark & Moody’ Old J Spiced Rum cocktail pack contains: 1 x Old J Dark Spiced Rum 70cl, 6 x Old Jamaica Ginger Beer 330ml and 2 x Old J Tin Cups.

Shop the Old J Dark & Moody Cocktail Pack with FREE DELIVERY

The ‘Old Fashioned’, a world famous whisky based cocktail, is no longer the preserve of the bartender thanks to the Woodford Reserve ‘Old Fashioned’ Cocktail Pack! Each gift pack contains: 1 x Woodford Reserve 70cl – The perfectly balanced taste of Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey is comprised of more than 200 detectable flavour notes, from bold grain and wood, to sweet aromatics, spice, and fruit & floral notes. 1 x Woodford Reserve Old Fashioned Cocktail Syrup 60ml – Created in collaboration with some of the world’s leading bartenders, this is a quick and easy way to create an authentic Old Fashioned at home.

Shop the Woodford Reserve Old Fashioned cocktail pack for £32.00

Wine lovers

Is Dad a big red drinker? If so, you can’t go wrong with the ‘Bing & Bold Essential’ Red wine case. This mixed red wine bundle contains 12 handpicked reds that are full in body and rich in flavour, showing an assortment of luscious red and black fruit, silky tannins and warming spice character. Perfect partners to grilled meats/vegetables, hearty stews and roasts. Dig in!

Shop the Big & Bold mixed case of 12 red with FREE DELIVERY for £114.00

If the big and bold features slightly too many bottles than you anticipated on purchasing, why not give the Mixed Malbac case a go? A mixed case fit for any Malbec lover. Six bottles, three styles fit for any occasion.

Shop the Mixed Malbec Case for £41.50

For even more alcohol-infused gift ideas, head to our Father’s Day gift page!


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