Why you should be adding a shot of Vodka to your cheese board this year

Why you should be adding a shot of Vodka to your cheese board this year


Cheese boards have been a staple for many people at Christmas; they bring families together for a savoury treat after the Christmas feast, whilst serving to finish the night off and leave your taste buds refined.

But some are choosing to take this British tradition to a whole new level… by adding vodka to their cheese boards!

Left off the British cheese board is a way to cleanse your pallet, often limiting capacities to distinguish the different tasting notes between the more nuanced cheese’s, such as your pecorino’s and brie’s. This is where vodka, the cleanest of spirits, can help sharpen tongues and bring out rich, deep flavours that have been hidden in plain sight for far too long.

In a recent survey, cheese boards came top of the list of people’s favourite Christmas foods, but whilst this is hardly surprising, what is unique is that cheese and vodka came out as the most likely to be tried pairing this Christmas!

To find out more about this interesting pairing, Click N Drink spoke to Black Cow Vodka to find out why vodka and cheese are the perfect cheese pairing.

Black Cow Vodka, who’ve been making their own vodka utilising whey from milk, have said “Black Cow Vodka in its most simple form acts as a fantastic palate cleanser that really lets you experience the rich flavour of the cheese with each bite.”

“Quite simply not enough people know just how well cheese and vodka go together! It also takes a certain type of cheese and a certain type of vodka. For us it makes sense: we have a saying – what grows together goes together!”

We also spoke to expert cheesemongers, Nantwich Cheese, who’ve been producing cheese for over a decade on the Cheshire and Shropshire border, said “It’s best to avoid fuller flavoured cheeses like mature cheddars as these tend to clash with the taste of vodka. Try creamy or buttery cheeses, particularly those less matured made of sheep or goats milk to allow the flavour of the vodka to come through. A surprise winner in taste testing was the Toffee Cheddar!”

Is Cheese and Vodka the only pairing people want to try this Christmas?


Interestingly enough… no! Other pairings such as gin and brussel sprouts, pigs in blankets with a side of prosecco and prawns with beer are other combinations people are trying this festive period. There was even a mention of pickled fish with mulled wine… who knew?

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