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Back by popular demand... the Summer #Tanqueray London Dry Gin Bundle! 🍸 For £24.99, you'll be equipped with all the tools you need to sip your gin and tonic in style 😎

Photo 📸 by @theworldismycocktail
It's Picnic Week and what better excuse than to plan a picnic for this weekend? Here's our checklist for you:

Blanket ✅
Sandwiches ✅
Plates ✅
Drinks ✅
Cups or glasses ✅
Good company ✅

Oh and remember, reduce your waste by using items that can be reused or at the bare minimum, recycled! Great picnic ensemble from @EcotintedGlasses
Pina Coladas are making a comeback and @SohoStreetCocktails has received a glowing review in the Daily Mail by @knackeredmother, taking home 10/10 when compared to other pre-mixed cocktails 🍹 Want to taste yourself? Shop online for a taste yourself!

Amazing photo 📸 by Lexi's Clean Kitchen
It's officially #Summer... can someone pass us a beer? 🤣
Summer might be a couple of days away, but we are getting started now with this Tequila Rose Milkshake 🌹 

Fantastic cocktail and video by @project_man_cave_
So who's spending their Friday night like Stepan the cat here? 🤣

🎥 by @LoveYouStepan
Nothing beats kicking back and watching the football with a @BudvarUK AND a FREE Tankard Glass 🍻
Weekend wine? Nice 🍷
Well, that's our plans for the weekend sorted 😴

🎥 by @vintageefeeling